Random Littles

A Little Lame

I'm so lame.

I never have time to comment on blogs these days. It does make me sadspice, so I'm going to work on catching up on the 1342 posts in my google reader. (Seriously. Thirteen hundred unread posts. I follow waaay to many blogs.)

Saving a Little

After giving birth to an expensive human being and also purchasing iPhones, we are cutting corners here in the Murphy household. I'm looking for ways to save money. So far, not going out for lunch is helping me to keep more money in my checkbook to pay the bills. However, I need to find other ways to cut back. I'm semi-addicted to TLC's Extreme Couponing, and want to try to start cutting coupons. Howevs, I don't even get a paper in the mail and I keep forgetting to leave the house on Sunday to go buy one... oops.

Just wondered if any of you are "coupon-ers." How's that workin' out for ya? Any tips for getting started?

Reading a Little

It's a far cry from my reading list last year (68 books read in 2010!) but I am turning a few pages here and there. My current read is a memoir -- If I am Missing or Dead -- and I'm loving it. I want to finish it soon so I can move on to The Help.

What are you guys reading?

A Little Cuteness

She makes pinching pennies worthwhile!


pinkflipflops said…




I get a paper almost every weekend and you can find coupons online. And look at stores special deals that you can sign up for online and clip their coupons online and enter them via phone numbers or swipe of cards in store.. (kroger/meijer). Also, check out swagbucks.com and ebates.com to save money. Oh and get a separate email account and sign up for all local restaurants in your area and you get a coupon of some sort for about every month so you can still indulge, but save.
That's awesome... thanks!

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