I was afraid to log in to blogger. I thought all of my posts might be MIA. Looks okay so far... I saw quite a few tweets from those of you who worried that posts might be lost to the bowels of the internets. Did everyone get their work back?

We're weekending here at the Murphy homestead. Hubs just went to a buddy's house to fix the brakes on his car. I'm seriously wondering if he'll be home before midnight. Those boys can make the simplest thing take all. day. long. (And by simple, I mean, shouldn't we just pay someone else to do it?)
Stella and I are enjoying a lazy morning. (And by lazy, I mean, I've started laundry, cleaned up clutter, and tried to make a dent on the housework... while she's napping.)

She's five months old today. We're celebrating with bananas, assuming Mr. Murphy gets home in time. Stella's been doing great with rice cereal and we are so excited to start her on new foods.

I need to put the camera battery on charge STAT. 


Travener said…
I, too, am afraid of Blogger.

For entirely different reasons.

I love you too, kiddo. Keep up the writing. One of these days you'll get a signed copy of my book (though I'm not sure how you do that with a Kindle version).

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