Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. Pretty much the only reason I'm blogging right now is because I left my iPhone at the bank when I came home for lunch. You know if I had my phone with me I would probably be playing Angry Birds right now. Just being honest.

2. Hubs and I had the following conversation on Sunday while watching the Survivor finale...

Me: I should totally audition for Survivor and win us one million dollars.
Hubs: You know that game is played outdoors, right?
Me: Well, I might be more of an indoor girl, but I'm already super good at not shaving my legs.

3. Seriously. I haven't been shaving my legs. The baby still sleeps in our room. I haven't felt the need.

4. Our house is a disaster zone. Disaster, I tell you. When the hell do I have time to clean? I'll tell you this: it isn't so much the time I need as much as it is the energy. Or motivation. All I want to do after Stella goes to bed is sit on the couch and watch t.v.

5. I'm really nervous about her starting to crawl due to the collection of dog hair, dust, and other debris that has collected on our floors since that one time when I was nesting.

6. I'm SPEEDINGspice through this post so I can watch last night's episode of Castle before I go back to work.

7. I'm pretty sure I would be way more caught up on your blogs if I didn't subscribe to Lamebook and Photoshop Disasters in my reader.

8. I think about my WIP while I'm blow drying my hair in the mornings and then totally forget to work on it.

9. I suck at being a writer. Because I always say I'm going to write and never do.

10. On Friday, this new guy at work was all happy at 5:00 because he thought it was time to go home. I was all, "No, one more hour..." and then he looked all dejected and said, "Wait. We stay open late on Fridays?!" I rolled. I laughed so hard. Then I told the rest of the staff about it, which required I repeat the story about four times. But, it was seriously funny. I think it was the look on his face when he realized... it just set me off into a fit of giggles. I laugh at my employees -- I'm an awesome boss. And that's the truth.


Jen Daiker said…
Amber!!!!!! (((HUGS))) So as you can tell I've missed you.

That being said I will pretend I didn't read "haven't shaved legs" the several timse you wrote it so we can indeed remain friends.

My truth:

I like to walk around the house with stripe colored socks and playing 'ninja' with my cats. It's lame but I love it.
Hahaha. You are the best blogger ever. I love angry birds too... And my house is a freaking war zone too and I don't even have a baby just two dogs and a hot mess of a hubs. Seriously, he is nasty.
I haven't shaved my legs since who knows when. Thank heavens that my legs are a natural blonde.
Travener said…
My house is a disaster, too, and I don't have a baby to blame it on, just my lazy-ass self. Try to clear even a half-hour a day for writing. Same time every day. Make the spousal unit take care of the baby for awhile. Buy a set of those fake boobs that the husband can wear to nurse the baby. That'll really make you giggle.

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