and... you're finally caught up.

In late May, we attended another graduation party. Damn Murphy cousins finishing high school and costing me money! Jussst kidding. I didn't mention yesterday, but I am proud that both cousins are amazingly brillant and one will be attending Ohio State while the other will (blech) attend The University of Kentuky. I don't hold it against him, though. Many of the Murphy's are UK fans. I just pretend I'm down.

So, some other cousins came to this second shin-dig, which was super exciting because they have a little baby boy who was born December 16th, just TWO days after my Stella. Caleb has the prettiest eyes, and I'm not jealous that he is soooo much longer than Stella, because she might be peanutty, but I like her like that.
(Also, she rolls over way more than he does.)

On Memorial Day, otherwise known as Hotter than Hades Day, we took Stella downtown for the first time. We attended this annual music festival called "Abbey Road on the River," in which a bunch of bands cover Beatles (and other) songs.

Here's Stella soaking up the sun:

It was also special to put Stella in her stroller seat for the very first time!

She. loved. it.

I took this on my iPhone, and then emailed it to myself. It's a cool banner from the event... probably all blurry on here even though it looked dope on my phone.

Well, I guess that bring us to this past weekend, when Stella spent the night at my mom and dad's house for the first time.

Secretly, this photo is from about three weeks ago. Oh, well.

You may or may not have read on twitter that I had to make a little stop on the way home for certain security devices which are used when new mommies and daddies spend special alone time together.

More on that tomorrow when I post on a... get ready for it... TMI Thursday!


Travener said…
It's Thursday. Bring on the TMI!

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