tree: down, and other news

Maybe I should just commit to blogging once a month... er, hello again!

(Let me catch you up on things.)

Stella has now visited her third state... Ohio! In May, we attended a graduation lunch, so we had to get fancy. I'm ever so slightly proud of the following photos.

It took us about four hours to get home from Ohio... because someone I married decided not to realize when he missed the exit and overshot our route by about thirty miles and also did not notice a large sign which said "Welcome to Indiana." Someone else was in the passenger seat playing with her iPhone.

Also, on May 26th... this happened:

It's hard to be too upset, considering that our bedroom is to the left of all that. It was so weird though... we didn't hear it fall. It happened on one of those horrid storm nights, but after the worst of it came through. $300 later, I'm thankful that my house is still standing, but I do miss the shade when I'm out of the back porch roasting in this June heat wave. Also, I miss my $300.00.

P.S. Here's what the tree looked like in December. It's the one that's closer to the camera.

You were a good tree. I'll remember you fondly.

Ohhh... I have an idea. I'll continue this post tomorrow... and then you can consider yourself caught up on my exciting, lovely life.


Jen Daiker said…
(((HUGS))) I miss you so much and since I've become an absentee blogger it's nice that I haven't missed that much.

Love your baby girl, she's gorgeous!! How wonderful!!!

Sorry about the tree! It was beautiful for christmas!
Anonymous said…
(This Trav. Stupid Blogger's forcing me to comment as Anon.)

Anyway, welcome back. Sorry about the tree. Stella's cool. Such a fashionista, too.
Ashley Stone said…
aw stella looks so cute in her dress! I love little feet, so cute! Sorry about the tree... poor tree... : (

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