Sunday, February 13, 2011

french vanilla... or hazelnut?

"Who IS this woman holding me? I don't even know her anymore!"
Clearly, I've had no time to blog since returning to the working world last Tuesday.

Le sigh. Any free time I have in the morning and evenings is reserved for Stella. God, the guilt of being away from her for so many hours SUCKS. I know it will be even harder when she's a little older and screams, "Mommy, nooooOOOO! Don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Hubs was home with Stella last week, but she starts day care tomorrow. I'm a little concerned about how on earth I am going to get the two of us out the door, drop her off, and still and make it to work by 8:15 in the morning. (Let's just be honest. I pretty much know I'll be late to work tomorrow, since it will be our first try... but I'm talking about how in the hell I'm going to do it everysingledayspice.)

Anywhine, going back to work was a bit stressful, but not completely horrible. Trying to catch up on 8 weeks worth of bank-y changes, bank-y emails, and bank-y gossip is bound to take a little time and several hundred deep breaths.


I'm trying to make breastpumping at work as easy on everyone as it can be. I pump once mid-morning, take lunch 3-4 hours later, and then I can wait to pump again when I get home in the evening. (Or, as hubs puts it, I can just "give Stella the boobie" at that point, if she's ready to eat.)

So, on my first day back, I informed the co-ed staff of my impending pumping-routine-idea. My boss, a fan of the multi-task, suggested that I stand in the lobby and greet bank clients while pumping.

I scanned the bank branch and my eyes landed on our Keurig.

"Yeah, I'll get right on that. I'll stand by the coffee and I'll be the cream."

Monday, February 7, 2011 last day of alternate reality...

Yeah, I've been in such a baby bubble for the last 8 weeks that yesterday afternoon I told my husband I was going to cheer for the Jets to win the Superbowl. (And I actually do like sports!)


It's my last day of maternity leave: I go back to work tomorrow morning. The mix of emotions is intense, and Stella doesn't even start day care until next Monday, since hubs is on vacation and will be staying home with her this week. (I'll be coming home at lunch time for a little breastpumping/ cuddle session. YAY!)

Speaking of breast pumping, I'm a little concerned as to how that will work out for me at the bank. I'm thankful that my right to pump is federally mandated, but, um... bank branch = cameras everywhere. And a few camera monitors, too.

I'm pretty sure my pumping location options include:

 a freezing cold restroom (thankfully, there are two restrooms in my branch, so I could theoretically occupy one for twenty + minutes without any inconveniece to the staff)

or, a smellyspice storage area where the cleaning crew keeps supplies... seriously, it reeks of ass and death.

I need to put the following items in my breast-pump bag: febreeze, maybe a scented candle, a space heater, and a notebook and pen... oh, wait -- won't have a free hand to write. I'll be double pumping; draining both gals at once, to make the process more time friendly.

Perhaps I'll get a tape recorder and dictate my blog posts (or my novel-not-in-progress-in-the-last-ten-months) to myself.

Sigh. I wish I could pump in our kitchen-ish break room area. It's cold back there, too, but at least there's a television and I could watch Family Feud or something.

It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home...
Did I mention I'm going to miss Stella?

Other things I'll miss:

* sleeping after her middle of the night feedings until 9:00 in the morning
* staying in my pj pants for the better part of the day every day
* taking a shower every other day, and never before noon
* staying home so much that I saved a bundle on gas
* daytime t.v. including Regis, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Talk, The King of Queens reruns...

Ohhh, speaking of The King of Queens. It randomly occured to me the other night WHY that show has its name.

They live in Queens, New York.

(Seriously, never thought about that before.)

Oh, God. I need to go back to work, don't I? *sings made up song* ...Cabbbin Feeeeever...

Friday, February 4, 2011

the end of the beginning

I'm kind of sadspice.
I go back to work Tuesday.

Stella will still have another week before she starts daycare, as hubs is taking a vacay week next week to stay home with her, which means we'll all be home together this weekend and on Monday.

Soooo.... my point being... today is my last day of just Stella & me at home.

Maternity leave pretty much rocked. I mean, I guess it's kind of like being in labor... it isn't so wonderful while you're in the midst of it, but looking back... it was amazing.

There were moments during those days alone when she was fussy and I was exhausted that I just wanted to trade places with my husband and RUN back to work to get a break, some adult interaction, a full night's sleep (yeah, he gets that. I let him sleep, because I might be dog tired but I'm still a control freak.)

But, now that it's basically over I feel like maternity leave was the most precious time. I will never get to spend that much time with her allatonce -- seriously, maybe never again. Yeah, I'll have vacation weeks and stuff... but I'll never be off work for EIGHT weeks again.

(Unless I pop out another peanut.)

(Perish the thought. My checkbook can NOT handle that.)

(In fact, I told hubs that we might get to "do it" again on [or around] Valentine's Day, but that if we did he had to wear, like, four condoms.)

I digress.

Stella is awesomely adorable, and I really did treasure this special bonding time. And, to be honest, I'm looking forward to her leaving the "infant" phase and growing into the "baby" phase: rolling over, crawling, saying her first word, laughing...

Dude. Being a mom is kind of fantastic.

Perhaps when I go back to work I'll have other things to blog about besides this wonderful girl.

Future topics may include:

becoming a recessionista
american idol
post partum weight loss
the first time i eat sushi and get drunk post baby (cause that's overdue!)
my friends upcoming cruise-wedding
vacationgate 2011
ways i entertain myself for free
breast pumping at work: because you KNOW that is going to be interesting.

happy weekending!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sick little baby: i just wanted to take her place

thankful that Stella is all better now!
Well, I thought I would just be able to blog my little heart out all the way through my maternity leave. Whoops. 

Yeah, I'm behind again! After I posted my stellar-musical-performance, all hell broke loose in the Murphy household.

My husband had been sick. I got sick. Then, the baby got sick.

It was just over a week ago on a Saturday evening when I took her rectal temp to try to make her go poopie... and was shocked that the digital readout said she had a fever of 101.7! (They don't want little babes to have anything over 100.4.)

We ended up taking Stella to the emergency room -- thankfully, there's a nice, new offshoot of Kosair Children's Hospital (which is alltheway downtown) out in our neck of the woods.

After several hours, a urine cath, blood drawn, an IV in the back of my baby's hand, and a chest x-ray, they ruled out flu and RSV. Next, we had two options: IV antibiotics for 14 days OR a spinal tap to check her spinal fluid for bacteria.

The doctor reccomended the spinal, so we had to put our poor little baby through it.

Thankfully, it just ended up being an upper respiratory infection. Basically, she got the same thing that my husband and I had come down with. We were thankful that we got to take her back home with us that night -- the nurses told us that generally babies that young have to be admitted to the hospital, which means they have to go downtown to the main facility by ambulance!

Still, I don't ever want her to be sick again. Can I work that out?!

Sigh. I'm off to catch up on your blogs, assuming Stella sleeps a little longer. I missed the bloggy world, just like I always do during hiatus.

Did anything exciting happen to you since we last talked?