Thursday, June 9, 2011

TMI Thursday: sexy alone time

Yeah, so this past weekend, Stella spent the night at my mom and dad's house for the first time.

Hubs (and I) were so looking forward to a little alone time -- but a wrench was thrown into the best laid plans. Saturday, hubs had to attend a funeral. His uncle passed away unexpectedly early last week. Heart attack. He was only 48 years old.

I had to work Saturday morning, so hubs dropped Stella off at my parents' house early. After work, I went over to my Mom and Dad's for a little while to hang out with Stella while m&d did their grocery shopping and a few other errands (ones they planned on doing before Stella came to their house, since to watch her ALL day Saturday was not the original plan.)

Yeah, are you following? So, it's Saturday afternoon. Hubs is funeral-ing, and I'm at my Mom and Dad's house getting ready to leave Stella (see: Raspberries vid I posted on facebook!) there for the night.

I called hubs to let him know I was on the way back home and to see what the plan was for our date night.

"Get condoms!" He told me with a bit of a slur in his speech.

"Hubs, are you drunk?"

"Well, I had a couple at the funeral after-party, yeah... Then I met B at Old Chicago for a beer. Now I'm at home workin' on a Nut Brown."

"Seriously? We haven't had sexy time for almost a full YEAR and you didn't think of stopping for condoms on your way home?!"

Mrs. Murphy (that's me) was not to excited about being the one to shop for rubbery contraceptives. But, seeing as how we can't afford another baby at the moment, I parked in front of our favorite gas station.

I even posted about it on Twitter while I put off actually going inside.

I chose a variety pack that didn't seem to imply that hubs needed help in the "longer lasting" department and went to check out. Of course, the clerky guy knows me by name and always asks about the baby. I was all, "Uhh, this is embarrassing... but I'm a safety girl!"

I probably sounded like I was having some hot affair.

If only.

So, at home... hubs is drunk and irritating. He grilled steaks for our special alone time dinner, but he cooked them to well done instead of our usual mid-rare. He kept getting weepy about being the next one in his family to die young, which I feared would happen -- not the dying young but the blubbering about it -- because sometimes hubs gets all emotional when he drinks. Ohhh, and I had to stop him from going to yell at our neighbor who seriously hasn't mowed his back grass once in the past two years.

And then he kept saying I had to be on top.

I was like, um... no. Beggars can't be choosy. And I pushed out our baby. But, since you are driving me absolutely insanespice, sexy alone time is now cancelled and I am going to take a nap.

At 9:00, on our first, real, special alone time night (when we could even sleep in the next day) I took a nap. I woke up an hour later next to the snoring man I married. I decided to get up and play with my iPhone, and the variety pack of condoms remains unopened as I write.

TMI Sadday.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and... you're finally caught up.

In late May, we attended another graduation party. Damn Murphy cousins finishing high school and costing me money! Jussst kidding. I didn't mention yesterday, but I am proud that both cousins are amazingly brillant and one will be attending Ohio State while the other will (blech) attend The University of Kentuky. I don't hold it against him, though. Many of the Murphy's are UK fans. I just pretend I'm down.

So, some other cousins came to this second shin-dig, which was super exciting because they have a little baby boy who was born December 16th, just TWO days after my Stella. Caleb has the prettiest eyes, and I'm not jealous that he is soooo much longer than Stella, because she might be peanutty, but I like her like that.
(Also, she rolls over way more than he does.)

On Memorial Day, otherwise known as Hotter than Hades Day, we took Stella downtown for the first time. We attended this annual music festival called "Abbey Road on the River," in which a bunch of bands cover Beatles (and other) songs.

Here's Stella soaking up the sun:

It was also special to put Stella in her stroller seat for the very first time!

She. loved. it.

I took this on my iPhone, and then emailed it to myself. It's a cool banner from the event... probably all blurry on here even though it looked dope on my phone.

Well, I guess that bring us to this past weekend, when Stella spent the night at my mom and dad's house for the first time.

Secretly, this photo is from about three weeks ago. Oh, well.

You may or may not have read on twitter that I had to make a little stop on the way home for certain security devices which are used when new mommies and daddies spend special alone time together.

More on that tomorrow when I post on a... get ready for it... TMI Thursday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tree: down, and other news

Maybe I should just commit to blogging once a month... er, hello again!

(Let me catch you up on things.)

Stella has now visited her third state... Ohio! In May, we attended a graduation lunch, so we had to get fancy. I'm ever so slightly proud of the following photos.

It took us about four hours to get home from Ohio... because someone I married decided not to realize when he missed the exit and overshot our route by about thirty miles and also did not notice a large sign which said "Welcome to Indiana." Someone else was in the passenger seat playing with her iPhone.

Also, on May 26th... this happened:

It's hard to be too upset, considering that our bedroom is to the left of all that. It was so weird though... we didn't hear it fall. It happened on one of those horrid storm nights, but after the worst of it came through. $300 later, I'm thankful that my house is still standing, but I do miss the shade when I'm out of the back porch roasting in this June heat wave. Also, I miss my $300.00.

P.S. Here's what the tree looked like in December. It's the one that's closer to the camera.

You were a good tree. I'll remember you fondly.

Ohhh... I have an idea. I'll continue this post tomorrow... and then you can consider yourself caught up on my exciting, lovely life.