Just popping in to say an overdue hello to the blogging world...

Secretly, I just remembered that I can blog from work -- but I'm scared that I'll get in trouble. I already spend an obscene amount of time scouring other job opportunities, and that doesn't seem to have attracted any negative attention from the powers that be. So, I'm going to be brave.

Let me catch you up on a few things. And, by a few things, I mean Stella.

Stellaspice is a person now, as opposed to a baby. She's a full 18 months old.

She runs. She has four teeth. She can say strings of words like:

"Mommy, love you."
"Mommy, up!"
"Mommy, jump."
"More, more."
"Hi, Mommy!"
(She says other things that don't involve me. I'm pretty certain she has full-on conversations with her stuffed rabbit, Abby.)

She says "peas" instead of "please."
She says "Yell-ya" instead of "Stella."
She contantly tries to hug our dog, Carson, but whenever Carson tries to steal food from her, Stella says, "No, no, bad."

She can count to three. She can say the first three letters of her name. She knows what the following animals say: dog, kitty cat, cow, mouse, monkey, bear, lion, and duck. (FYI -- woof-woof, meow-meow-mooooo, seek-seek {squeak-squeak}ooh-ooh-aah-aah, raaahr, raaahr, and ack.)

People. Can't you see that I have no time to blog anymore because I am reponsible for the upbringing of a child prodigy?

Oh, and we watch a lot of Barney.
I mean, a LOT of Barney.

How are YOU? Please comment if you were super shocked to see a post from me, and let me know that returning to this blog is the right decision.

I mean, if you feel that way.


Amber! Glad you're alive and enjoying motherhood. Blog when you can, but make it work for you.
tucsoncordovas said…
I love your blog! Keep writing when you can!!
pinkflipflops said…
yaaaaaaaaaaaay! ;) stella sounds like a genius. get that girl an agent!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back!!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back!!
Laurel Garver said…
Hi Amber!! I've missed you, but totally understand. No one else can be mommy to Stella but you. Glad you are enjoying motherhood.

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