Query (not that kind!)

Maybe I should complete this meme.

I love Stella. Der.

People would say that I'm funny. Well, I hope they would. They might say I'm flattering myself.

I don’t understand why religion is so important.

When I wake up in the morning I hit snooze about four times, then realize the sooner I get up, the sooner coffee will be in my mouth.

I lost the necklace my mom and dad gave me when I turned 18. I think my mom's still kinda pissed.

Life is beautiful. And messy. Among other things.

My past is novel-worthy, but should probably be a closed book!

I get annoyed when I see Matthew Lillard's face on screen.

Parties are: better with cake.

I wish I had a housekeeper.

Dogs are stubbornspice. At least, mine is.

Cats are weird to me. But, I've never had one.

Tomorrow I’m going to lie to Stella's pediatrician at her 18-month well check. Because I refuse to admit that we still give her two bottles a day!

I have low tolerance for people who are rude to customer service specialists.

I’m totally terrified of death. Just sayin'.

I wonder why the caged bird sings.

Never in my life have I been on a television game show. I'd really like to change that.

High school was the time in my life when I had bangs, and curled them under. And then used hairspray.

When I’m nervous I put my hair behind my ears. It's my tell.

One time at a family gathering I let my cousins put my hair in pigtails, and then a mohawk. The cousins were about 13. I was like, 26.

Take my advice: don't get into credit card debt.

Making my bed hahahahaha. Never happens.

I’m almost always thinking about you. I swear it!

I’m addicted to caffeine, and loooooove.Ohh, and...

I want someone to pay all my bills for like, 6 months or so, while I sit in a locked room until my novel is finished.

Thank you for getting reacquainted with me today.


You are way too young to be terrified of death. At my age, yes. At yours, no.
pinkflipflops said…
yay two days in a row!
I think I have justification -- to die at my age would be tragic because I have such a small child and haven't lived as much life as some old people I know. Not that you're one. Of the old people.
Anonymous said…
Nice to see you Blogging again... Will keep me checking in now and again.

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