Custom Potty Chair

I know that hardly anyone reads my blog lately since I took a year off, but...

Anyone in the market for a custom, personalized potty chair?

My dad is one handy man, and he's made several of these beauts for his clients and his grandchildren! I chose the colors and he did the rest.

How cute is that magazine rack?! Don't get me started on the toilet paper roll!

In theory, Stells is a fan.

In reality, she isn't a huge fan of actually trying to go.
Well, I'm only joking -- this photo captures the one and only time (so far!) that Stella has pee-peed in her potty. She only looks miserable because she was IS teething.

Ohh... and once we are finished potty training, there's a cover to put over the potty seat -- so it turns into a regular chair. And we'll cut some paper towels down to size to fit in the TP area.

So... it's pretty legit. 

You should buy one. Comment if you need more information, or just if you think this is adorable. 


Wish I'd known your dad a decade ago when my kids were potty training, 'cause I would have bought one in blue and one in pink!

Hope you're having a wonderful 4th of July!

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