Stella's top five favorite things in life

5.) Stella loves to jump on the bed. And by loves to jump on the bed, I mean, she says, "Monkey?!" as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Which, in Stella speak, means holdmyhandsandletmejumponyourbedrightnow.

4.) Her second favorite thing is Barney. This is my fault. I allowed her to watch Barney while she ate breakfast one morning, and now she expects to watch it with every meal. She eats better while watching Barney, so I feel like it's a win.

3.) Another favorite is making bubble-beards while in the bath. Last night, she took a bath with her cousin Carley... It was a nice break for me, since I am usually next to the tub, fully clothed -- but yet I still end up covered in bubbles from my nostrils to my neck. Minimum.

2.) No complaints here -- Stella loves to read books. Goodnight Moon is her favorite. Her Dad and I can both recite it from memory because we've read it so many times! Stella loves to point at the bunny in his bed and tell him "Night night." She also points at the bowl full of mush and says "Yummy." Oh, and when we get to the part about "the quiet old lady who was whispering hush" she puts her finger up to her mouth as says "Shhh." So, she can pretty much read at age one and a half. No bigs.

1.) There is a small, small chance I'm biased, but everyone else can step off. Stella's number one, most favorite-ist thing in life is Mommy!


KLo said…
This had me reminiscing about my own daughters' young childhoods, when "Good Night, Moon" and "Barney" were staples of life, and bubble beards reigned. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girl ... it allowed me to remember some very special moments with mine :-)
MJenks said…
Let's not be knocking the virtues of bubble beards. They are one of life's finest pleasures.

Also, along those lines...go on...
MJenks, You slay me.

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