'Kenzie bited.

Kenzie is one of Stella's daycare playmates and NOT our dog.

Stella's been bitten a few times at daycare, always on the arm between her elbow and wrist.

However, this was the first time she was able to tattle on the kid with the over-active choppers.

Kenzie bited. Bad. NO biting, Kenzie. Kenzie bited Yell-ya. Kenzie hurted.

My poor Stella! It just about broke my heart. She talked about it all weekend.

I will punch that little 'Kenzie.

I will encourage retaliation.

I felt so bad for Stella that I took her shopping for fall clothes and got us McDonalds which we secretly ate in the car because it was like 5:15 on Sunday (yesterday) afternoon and Daddy was making us chili for dinner.

So, yeah.  

If our dog Carson ever bit Stella, it would be on like Gangbusters.

I'm not entirely sure which one of them moves faster, but they are super cute even in blurryspice photos.


B.E. Sanderson said…
Sad that you have taught your dog not to bite, but those parents can't teach their children the same simple lesson. I hope Stella's okay now. My daughter got nailed more times than I can remember in daycare. :hugs for you both:
Little Ms J said…
We have this same problem! My little Liv has been bitten quite a number of times and I'm pretty sure I know who it is because teacher slipped. I probably would've figured it out anyways. His dad has big teeth.

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