My niece, Carley, is SEVEN years old.

Carley turned seven in late August. Sheesh. They grow up way too fast, don't they? My sister got her a Caboodle for her birthday -- talk about a blast from the past. I didn't even know that they were still available to buy. But, it makes sense, because they are awesome.

*Side note* My grandma used to call my Cabooodle a "Skeedoodle," as she always forgot what it was actually called. Hilarity.

Obvi, a little make-up session took place and Carley did my face (photo not available) and then I returned the favor. Carley was so cute when I started giving her the smoky eye. She's all, "My mommy doesn't let me put the eye shadow on the bottom lash line! I'd better go ask her if this is okay."

I tried to explain that I was giving her a "rock star night time look" and that on NO occasion would she ever wear this amount of make-up in her second grade classroom. Clearly. Or any make-up at all. Because she's SEVEN.

I love her look!
So. Part two of Carley's Birthday Post involves my own gift to her. My lovely mother suggested that I buy Car-bug some chapter books, since she has to read for 20 minutes every night as homework. Bookspice! Aunt Amber loved the idea, and scoured the racks at Half Priced Books to find some Full House and other such MaryKateandAshleyOlsenfromfifteenyearsago paraphernalia.

And then my eyes beheld the most wonderful thing. The Baby-sitters Club books! Oh, sweet nostalgia.

Sigh. They were a little above her reading level, I feared. Ohhh, but then my eyes landed on several books from the Baby-sitters Little Sister series. Score! Happy dance!

I was so excited to introduce Carley to these books. At the party, before she opened her gift, she and I were hanging out in her room when I spotted some random chapter book on her floor.

"So, Carley, I hear you have to read for school every night."

"Yeah, and I hate reading."

"You do? Don't you get to pick whatever book you want, though? Doesn't that make it better, getting to read a book about something you like?"

"No, because if I hate reading, how am I going to like it?"

My heart sank -- for two reasons. She was going to hate her birthday gift from me. Sad! And, she hated reading. Sadder.

However, by the end of the party, she was curled up on the couch. Score one for Aunt Amber.

Can I leave you without a bit of Stella action? No way. So, here is my little boo-boo! So stinkin' sweet.


pinkflipflops said…
awwww. loved the babysitters club books!
Laurel Garver said…
Score one for auntie! Sometimes building a reader is just a matter of finding the right book that clicks.

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