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Can we still do this?! Is this still allowed?


I missed blogging. It's been a dick-year since I posted. In my last posting, my kiddo Stella was barely talking and still pronouncing her name "Yell-ya" which was cute.

Now, she's six and then some, and about to finish up kindergarten. She can both write and spell her name, but can't pronounce remember ("renember") OR concrete ("concrepe") which you would think would annoy the hell out of a grammar guru like me... but parenthood changes us, does it not?

Speaking of change, a ton more has changed since my days of being large, preggers, and an overall self-deprecating JOY to read. (You know I was. If you read my blog, you know I was.)

I got divorced.

This was inevitable. If you read my blog, you know it was.

But gone are the days of over-telling. (It's not TMI-Thursday anyway.) All you need to know is that it was my idea, it needed to happen, and it was four years ago. He wasn't thrilled. Now, he's moved on and is moving in with his girlfriend next month. And get this - she's a writer - had her name up on a sign at Barnes and Noble like last week. She's a'right. Pretty awesomespice.

You'd think I'd be jealous. (Oh, not that she's dating my ex husband. That wasn't an issue. You'd think I might be jealous because I had writerly ambition.) But, I'm not. She's also a mom, and the girls are around the same age. I'm really, truly hoping my ex and this lady go the distance, so Stella can have a sibling-type around without me having to do the child bearing thing ever again.

Well, more to come about me - the new man in my life (it's been two years) and the I-Quit-Smoking story, or maybe I'll write about the fact that I might have a bit of a drinking problem (I'm doing a 30 day cleanse thing, so it's day 2 without alcohol. But I always make it till Friday. Friday will be the real test.)

Or maybe I'll talk about how I might stop eating meat (also day 2) or about my journey with working out, because that's an always-in-process thing for me.

Call to action: do people still DO this? Do you? Did you miss me? What do you want to hear about?


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